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You can contact me via Steam (MetalshadowN64 or Bryan Dacote), Skype (Bryan Sheehan), my DeviantART account, Facebook, Youtube accounts (links on front page) or email at

Name: Bryan Joseph Sheehan
Nicknames/AKA: "MetalshadowN64", "Metalshadow1701", "MtlShadowN64" (PS3), "KiNG", "Bry", "Metal", "John Dacote"
Age: 27
Nationality: American, Irish, Italian, English, Wise-ass
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 240 lb
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde/Brown
Eye Color: Blueish Green
DOB: January 11, 1991
Residence: Massachusetts
Occupation: Bagger at Market Basket
Alignment: Neutral
Religion: Agnostic/Fatalist

Parents: Michael Sheehan (dead), Cathy Sheehan
Sibling(s): lonely only child
Pets: None :'(
Likes: Video Games, Anime/Manga, Music, Books (fan-fiction too), TV, Writing, Long Walks, History
Dislikes: Certain People, idiot coworkers, assholes, stupid politicians
Favorite Item(s): Game Systems, Phone, Computer/Laptop
Gourmet of choice: Spiral Ham, Tacos
Beverage of Choice: Sodas in general. Juices as well. Not much for alcohol.
Favorite Color: Red, Green, Black, White
Personality: Wise-ass, loyal, good work ethic, laid back
Favorite games: Majora's Mask, Megaman Legends, Doom 3, Tales of Symphonia, Battlezone, Star Trek Online
Favorite TV shows/Anime: Steins;Gate, Star Trek, Case Closed, The Slayers, M*A*S*H, various things
Favorite Movie(s): Back To The Future series, Star Trek movies, whatever else I feel like watching

Personal Quote(s): "Life is a risk. Even being born was a risk. We do it everyday and every moment; we just don't realize it. Risk is putting what you hold dear on the line and taking a leap of faith hoping to either reach salvation or fall in a pit of pain."
"I may be Loneliness's Prey but I am also its Predator."
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