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 Welcome to my website! This site is primarily to show off stuff I do and stuff about me; Bryan Sheehan. Also it is more of an online Blog or Journal for anyone who cares for a read. Some (if not all) of my fanfictions and short stories are also on this site. It ain't much, but please enjoy!

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4/25/18 - 2 more years of nothin'
What can I say? I had plans for this site but never got around to em. I figure if anything; this site is my blog or online journal I rarely update that no one cares about. Why do I keep it around? Dunno. Maybe because I can and it's mine.

So let's recap on the past 2 years, shall we? Looking back at my last "update", I had mentioned worldofanime.com and a special friend. Well that special friend was my second girlfriend. And I use "girlfriend" loosely since she refused to make things official. Boy, did I think Shayna was bad... OOOOH BOY! This slut was WORSE! Kristen was her name, better known as "Puppy" on Worldofanime. She near cosntantly degraded me, insulted me, treated me like a retard, when all I would do is whatever I could to make her happy even at my expense. Shayna was a bitch but she never degraded me! Hell, Shayna comforted me one time when I contemplated suicide for a reason I won't go into. Kristen constantly gave me shit whenever I did things for myself or my other friends. When me, my Mom and best friend Ralph were on a 3 day vacation in New Hampshire at a small resort, me and Ralph one night had some drinks. We didn't get drunk since we had just eaten a large meal so the alcohol didn't affect us. But the fact I was spending time with my friend and mother... oooh Kristen couldn't have that. So became the Girlfriend of some fuckboi just to spit in my face. Oh but I couldn't be too focused on her because I was too clingy. I dealt with this constant bullshit and drama from around the time of St. Patrick's Day of 2016 till sometime in August when I just got sick of her shit, and plus I had feelings for an old friend of mine (won't say who) and I decided I was gonna break up with Kristen, and then ask my friend if she'd go out with me.
That actually turned out well but the relationship with my friend only lasted a month until I got "brother-zoned". A pit far worse than the "friend-zone". No escaping that pit. I'm still friends with her and we still hang out, so no worries there.

2017 was thankfully not filled with drama. Heck the only time there was ANY didn't involve me very much. Between the very end of 2016 (late November) to the first quarter of 2017 (around this time) I had made several new friends who are all a great bunch of weird but well-meaning people (hi guys if you happen to see this!)
Basically any drama that did occur only involved my new group of friends. I was more or less, along for the ride, giving my advice and suggestions, and knowing when to say "fuck this, I'm out" when I noticed certain people showed the same signs I have seen before throughout early 2014 to late 2016. I had a few crushes throughout this past year and a half but nothing became of any of em. I am talking to someone new who seems almost pretty cool though.

So now that my social life updates are over, let's get to any personal projects and work. I still have my job at Market Basket. I'm pretty well respected there. Making more hours and more money now, if however my rent got hiked up though due to some financial issues. For fanfictions, I have decided to just dump several of them just so I focus on 2 or so. I may update the list here to reflect that. So basically, not much of anything new.

Older Entries

5/9/16 - Shit, its been a year... Well the forum went well for a while. Its still going but no where near as active as it once was. Most of 2015 was uneventful since I mostly focused on work. I cut off ties to a very close friend of mine because things had become toxic between us. I've been mostly spending my time following the Election... Sanders FTW.
2016 thus far has been more... interesting. I sprained my wrist and was followed up with the flu. I went on vacation a few weeks ago. I had joined some social sites and ended up leaving them. One that was linked to here; MaiOtaku was the worst of them. I recently left a site called WorldofAnime due to some issues with a 2-bit asshole who is intent on making the lives of me and a very special friend of mine a hell-hole but at least I am willing to go back someday unlike MO. Looking at joining another couple sites; AnimeBasket and Sentou Gakuen by the recommendations of some of my friends from WOA.
To Be Honest I didn't think of doing anything with this site anymore considering I post my fanfictions on fanfiction.net since its much easier to upload/update as well I can easily get feedback. I've given up on AMVs too. I figure I can keep the short stories here but I think its time I changed the purpose of this site. Maybe less about my works and about me; my life.
One thing I've realized the past couple years is that I'm actually a decently interesting person and to some; I'm a good human being. It sounds like I'm tooting my own horn but this is really a big revelation for me. I hate my ex Shayna with a passion but once she entered my life I've been doing a shit ton of growing up. Maybe instead of using this show case my growth as I grow and mature more; but rather what is already there about me. I'm a quarter of a century old now. 25 years and that's something I think. So I think I will try to get on changing this site drastically. Lots of pages are gonna go down; namely the fanfiction section (minus the character bios and dumped stories)

4/22/15 - Nothing much is new but I have been working on my DBZ story. And me some online friends made a new forum. Here it is: 
Also there is a chat system on this main page that is linked to the said forum as well as the old one. I may eventually add this chat system to every page.
I decided to add a minor new section that may get updated at random times. "Random Pictures of Epicness".
Why did I start this new section? I DON'T KNOW! lol
Anyhoo; nothing new. All I can say is that personal life drove 3/4ths of the way into a totally cracked mind. All the shit hit the fan last month. There was boycotting going on at Market Basket that ended up having me temporarily laid off for about 3 weeks. Last month between 8/7 and 8/11 life decided to be an ass to me. My last grandfather died, I got temporarily laid off, a friend of the family died, I had to give up the pets (Butch, Kaden and Tigger), my Mom went into the hospital, I was having issues with my friends (its VERY complicated) while I was supposed to be away from my problems, it was the anniversary of my Dad's death, and Robin Williams died. I was so stressed from everything that I literally got sick for a week and it took those 3 weeks I had off to help me cope with the stress.
It was insane and honestly things are slowly returning to normal. The past 6-7 months have been a total roller coaster for me emotionally. But I do not wish to explain it all but let's say for now; I am still single after it all. :/ But at least I'm more wise. Who knows? maybe my new wisdom and experience
As for stories... nothing new... YET! Ideas are sturring in my head even as I speak and as soon as I finish writing this I'm gonna attempt writing a chapter or so for Final Memories. But between all the drama with work and... stuffs I barely had any thought power to consider my stories.
3/29/14 - Well first off; no real progress on "The Unwalked Path", but I did do some chapters for "Final Memories" a month ago. Its still not done yet, however it is slowly nearing completion. :)
Honestly it might have been done by now if a few things didn't happen - none of which are bad actually! The reasons are as follows:
Made a new friend; she's been helping me come out of my shell for the past month or so.
Also I landed myself a job finally - its at Market Basket here in town. Been working there since 2/13/14. So far so good with that.
I also went to Anime Boston a couple weeks ago for two days (I couldnt afford the 3rd day). Mostly hung with friends, bought geeky things that I could afford, but I did go to the formal ball that is held every year for my first time. I had a lot of fun even though the first hour I was mostly tripping over both the feet of my random partners and my own! :P
I also had difficulty working up the nerve to ask anyone to dance for a while but thanks to some people I met at the ball who helped me build up some confidence by the time I left I had asked roughly a half dozen girls at the ball to dance with me! 
Now I still don't have a girlfriend yet but... well last month me and someone I've been friends with for about 7 years have admitted we have had feelings for one another for a long time but we were both too afraid to say it to one-another. Now we're still friends; but last I checked we're still trying to save up so we can finally meet someday soon hopefully. I've gotten nothing but support for this endeavor from my other friends... so yeah to who ever even bothers to check this site besides me; wish me luck please!

1/17/2014 - Happy [late] New Year and a [late] happy birthday to me. 
That aside, nothing to the site. I did start a new fan-fic about 2(?) months ago; a DBZ story called "The Unwalked Path". Its a sort of what-if story of what might have been Kakarot's (AKA: Goku) life had he grown up on Planet Vegeta with his race; its also a story of revolution as Kakarot tries change his people from being murderers. Its gonna parallel some events from the Dragon Ball universe (namely the Bardock movie, Saiyan Saga and Freeza Saga) Right now I'm taking a little break from it. I am thinking of it so I should [hopefully] get back to it soon... hopefully.
Also I posted the first chapter of the to-be-completed final entry in my Zelda fan-fiction series; "Final Memories". However unlike many of my stories which are updated as I write them, this one will be done differently; this will be fully posted after it is 100% done and looked over by me. I want to make the final entry perfect to at least me.
In other news I still don't have either a girlfriend or job, and DHR is still in limbo. None of which you didn't see coming. I am cutting my hair soon to see if that helps in getting a job. I did get a PS3 though! MtlshadowN64 is my username; friend me before I decide to hack the thing.
(I'm considering keeping that green bar instead of the red, so lets see how that works)

8/14/12 - I have taken some time to upload chapters 1 - 6 of "A Final Tale". Now this DOESN'T mean I'm gonna be posting each chapter up at the same time as I'm posting them on FanFiction.net. It takes some doing on posting the chapters here, it's alot faster on FanFiction.net. So if you wanna stay up-to-date on my future works besides "Cold As Metal", and the 2 things for "Drifters" (which I haven't touched) head over there. "Megman Legends" is currently up over there as well, along with fixes and updates to the chapters along with Chapter 5. I'll update the Chapters here soon enough. If I can dish out another chapter of it then I'll have more of a immediate reason to update it here.
DHR is currently still on hiatus for awhile, till I decide to get back to it. Which I don't intend to till "A Final Tale" is done which hopefully won't be till 10/26/12. I promise that if I finish the final chapter of that story, I will post it on that date both on FanFiction.net and here (and any chapters that I won't have up by then) By that I also mean that even if I have all the chapters to the story finally written and typed up that NO ONE besides my beta reader (you know who you are) will get to read it till the due date.

7/24/12 - Well, I've been away for a bit. Been kinda busy with dealing crap involving money, friends, family, ect. Anyway, besides that crap. I am sad to say I've come empty handed... sorta. Right now I'm not actually gonna do an update but I have made 2 new videos, and have been slowly making another.
And on the writing department... well I haven't made any new chapters for existing stories. But I was sorta bad while I was away, and came up with a new story. It's called "A Final Tale". It's a Zelda fan-fiction. (Funny that I just dumped my old one a few months ago) This story is unlike ALL my others in almost every way. This is NOT an action story, and it does not have loads of swears. This story is more focused on Family and the love between them. (Perhaps like The Waltons TV show?) This story will dive into Link's inner emotions on the subject of family. Later this story will dip into the part of him that is still a warrior, and his need to lay it to rest. (Like Rocky 6, maybe?) 
Well, another thing that will be different from my other stories is that with my others is that as soon as I wrote a chapter I immediately posted every chapter I happened to write all at once, and at times that means it can be one by one. So with this one I am taking a different approach which I'm finding is really working. Basically I am posting up so many chapters at a time. I will admit I just finished writing up Chapter 6 in my notebook but I'm only gonna post up to Chapter 3 or 4. This gives a chance to properly get my ideas down quickly into a draft then after a while when I am finally typing up the chapters I wish to post I can go over my mistakes (story and writing wise) all at once. Also that the chapters I'm not posting at the time are not seen by anyone but me. This gives a sense of privacy I desire while writing. I have realized that I can't stand the idea of someone reading this stuff while I'm still writing or that what they are reading isn't too far into from where I am, cause to be honest that I am discovering the plot through my writing. That means I don't really know what happens next till I have it written down. 
Whew, well one FINAL thing about this. Even though I'm not gonna post the chapters here for a while. (it really is a pain in the ass at times) I am posting them on Fan-Fiction.net. I will upload Heroes Rise and Megaman Legends on the site eventually, but I am actually aiming to make this not as long as the others. I have no idea on how many chapters this will be. Just plot-wise it won't be as dragged as DHR is. That's another thing; I'm not giving this story an abbreviation to make sure I make short work of it. I'm a little tired of being ashamed of the fact that NONE of my stories are done or close to being for that matter. Oh yes, I am proud to say I've been only been working on this story for a week so far. It was a case of a sudden burst of inspiration.

4/19/12 - Well, I went on a updating spree today. (First one in awhile) I uploaded the 20th Anniversary videos for Sonic and Dr. Eggman over at the Music Videos section. That's not all, I have been having LOADS of inspiration of late so I finished up Chapter 10 of "Doom: Heroes Rise" (I shortened the name) and wrote another 4 more Chapters. Yes, count em; 5 chapters! I've written some chapters for "Megaman Legends" and "Cold as Metal" but I'm not ready to upload them. I also just dumped one of my oldest story ideas; "Can A Villain Become A Hero?" and I was considering doing the same to my Doom story due to all the road blocks I've faced of not knowing how to continue the story. Thankfully I can say that DHR won't ever be canned; I've came up with great ideas on how to continue the story and bring it to what I hope will be a satisfying ending. I can say that it will be an ending that will be open for a sequel, but if I decide not to, it will be a satisfying ending. OH yeah! I'm also now working on my next video. It could even get a bit in the next "THIS IS INSANE"!
I might as well explain my major inspiration boosts and drops to you all. A couple of weeks ago I went to the Anime Boston Convention. Now, when I was there I met a really great girl. Now, I'm not sure if I got anything going here, but I have been in a really good mood thanks to this. Even if things DON'T work, I feel that I've gained a huge confidence boost. For months now I haven't been able to get anything done cause my mind has been occupied on how lonely I am. I haven't ever had a form of relationship in my life, and it bothers me greatly - so much I think of it everyday. I really hope this changes for me very soon, either with this girl I met at AB or otherwise. And to add it all on, as you all may or may not be aware of; my dad died back in 2010. I think I've been able to get mostly over his death but I do have my moments where I miss him greatly; it is very hard to me because he was more than my father, he was my best friend and counselor.
I feel a good change in wind for the sails of my life, and I hope that first change is my love life - I know my father would be happy to hear that news. I now hope that anyone who may have thought I was just not doing anything at all with my stories due to lack of interest now understand what I've been going through since my Dad died, and even as far back as High School.

4/13/12 - Well, I decided to add on a mini-section under the Fan-Fiction section. "Failed & Abandoned Stories". Also, "Doom: Evil Returns & Heroes Rise" has had it's name shortened from now on. It's name is now "Doom: Heroes Rise" (now DHR for short). However the pages for this haven't been done yet. Plus, "Can A Villain Become A Hero?" has been canned. It's under the new mini-section.

3/15/12 - Apparently I had forgotten about Christmas, New Year's, and even my own 21st birthday! Anyway I noticed that all the links on the downloads page are dead. I highly doubt I can revive ANY of the links, so sorry. However I have come up with a new method of supplying  my links for the future though. A very convient site and program called "Dropbox".  It's free and easy to use, Google it.

Also, I can say I haven't come back empty handed like so many of the previous 'updates'. I had a stir of random inspiration a few weeks ago and made about a chapter and a half on a story I have mentioned before but not worked on yet; "Cold As Metal". Here is the Chapter in either TXT or DOCX file.
Oh yes, me and my good friend; Senku Niola have made a fleet on Star Trek Online (STO) so if interested in joining the fleet check out the site and look one of us up in STO. Information on that can be found on the site. A link is in the left side bar here on the Main Page or on the Links Page. (I also added my Facebook page to the list, I don't go on very often though)

11/26/11 - The above new page "xbox fix" is to a guide I found to fix a Red Ring Victim Xbox 360. Mine is a victim and I don't have the money to buy a new one and Gamestop won't buy my old Xbox's so I can buy a new one. So I have to actually fix mine on my own.
Also I am planning on making 2 Game Music Videos to the 20th anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog. One for Sonic himself using the song "Sonic Boom" from Sonic CD. And the other for Dr. Robotnick/Eggman using his theme "E.G.G.M.A.N." from Sonic Adventure 2.
9/28/11 - Minor update to the stylish red bar at the top of every page of this site. Actually there was some weird error coming up that for public view the bar was not there but in the editor it was showing up. So I took the file and edited to fix the problem plus fix something that has nagged me ever since I made the site. the bar never reached past the second line of the top navigator.
I CAN say that I am not dead nor have I given up my stories - especially DEHR. I actually started the next chapter some time ago but I got stuck; have been since. Luckily I started reading the novel version of the new upcoming game "RAGE" made by id software (same guys that made DooM, Quake. and Wolfenstein) and knowing the knowledge that DooM 4 won't much longer of a wait after RAGE comes out I've gotten back into the DooM mood I've needed. I actually want to write another background chapter for DEHR but I got to finish this chapter. It may be some time still since A: My mom has collage and uses the [only] computer to do it (and the laptop "shit the bed") And B. I've got a Part-time job now at McDonald's.
8/3/2011 - Made a minor update to my page. I normally wouldn't take a moment to say such a minor update on the main page but it is a cool quote I created. Here it is:
"Life is a risk. Even being born was a risk. We do it everyday and every moment; we just don't realize it. Risk is putting what you hold dear on the line and taking a leap of faith hoping to either reach salvation or fall in a pit of pain and death." ~ Me
Oh and please keep supporting the "100,000 Strong for Megaman Legends 3" group on Facebook and look at these instructions on further helping the cause.

7/27/2011 - Adding on to the below update please go HERE and follow the instructions to support Megaman Legends 3. Also I have added Chapters 2, 3, and 4 (incomplete) to my Fan-fic of Megaman Legends.

7/20/2011 - Two days ago (7/18/2011) Capcom decided to spit on the fans of the Megaman Legends series and shoot us in the nuts by cancelling the long-awaited sequel. It had been TEN years since Megaman Legends 2 when MML3 was finally announced and now they canned it. And by god fans have been wanting this game for years but the rally for MML3 has NEVER been as strong as it is now for the game.
Capcom gave no good reason on why they cancelled it except that quoting from the official MML3 Devroom; "Unfortunately it was not felt that the Mega Man Legends 3 Project met the required criteria". Now here's the part fans are foaming at the mouth at: Capcom said MML3's fate of being released depended on the sales of the "Prototype" version that was going to be released PUBLICLY on the Nintendo 3DS Eshop and the demo was just weeks away from being released.
So naturally a ten year wait, plus a promise of demo then suddenly canning both the demo and full version is gonna call upon what I like to call "A War by the Fans".
And within a DAY fans have been gathering groups on sites like Facebook to prove that we want that game and/or demo.
Support the fight on these sites:
5/25/11 - Nothing to report just taking down that joke video involving the end of the world. And to assure that the world has not ended. ;)

3PM of 5/21/11. 2 Hours and 45 Minutes remain:
Decided to continue being the funny guy I am and made a video for today (and 12/21/2012)

5/21/11 - Today supposedly "The End of The World" so express my opinion I'm playing an appropriate song on the site for today and again December 21st 2012. Oh and have a nice day to end all days. :)

5/6/11 - Finally finished Chapter 9 of
DEHR. Go friggin read it. Also upped the text font a bit so it was a little more readable (so far this page and the DEHR Chapters). Haven't put it into effect all-over the site so stay tuned.

4/29/11 - Another
new video. Also getting back onto DEHR soon. But also been trying to find a job.

3/1/11 - Added a
new video.

2/26/11 - Since today would have been my father's 58th birthday I made and uploaded a video in his honor.
Here's the video.

2/24/11 - Added a few more of my
music videos to the appropriate section with the new player. These videos are "FMA - You Know My Name" and "Suddenly".
2/23/2011 - OK I've finally got off my ass and started to get to work on my father's video which I intend to finish and upload by Saturday which would have been his 58th birthday. Plus I've been trying to pick out a new video player for my videos. I've decided to try metacafe.com - a site similar to youtube, that hopefully isn't as f*cking stupid. The new player is currently set up to only one video: "TOS - Take Me Away" which you may view. I also added a optional download to the original higher quality file (always wmv format so use WMP) Enjoy!

1/4/2011 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sorry for not completing the Christmas Playlist. As you can see though I am currently restoring the site to its regular look.

12/13/10 - Here's our thirteenth Track:
"The Twelve Pains of Christmas" (12 more days to go till Christmas!)

12/12/10 - Here's our twelfth Track:
"Wonderful Christmas Time" Paul McCartney 

12/11/10 - Here's our eleventh Track:
"The First Noel" by Mannheim Steamroller

12/10/10 - Here's our tenth Track: "
Jingle Bell Rock" by Bobby Helms

12/9/10 - Here's our ninth Track:
"Chanukah" by Adam Sandler

12/8/10 - Here's our eighth Track: "Little Drummer Boy" by Unknown

12/7/10 - Here's seventh Track:
"God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" by Mannheim Steamroller

12/6/10 - Here's our sixth Track:
"White Christmas" by Bing Crosby

12/5/10 - Here's our fifth Track:
"A Mad Russian's Christmas" by the Trans Siberian Orchestra

12/4/10 - Here's our fourth Track:
"Shopping Around For A Christmas Tree" from WROR. A good humorous song for the right time, since people should be looking for their xmas trees by now.

12/3/10 - Here's our third Track:
"Let it Snow" by Harry Connick Jr.

12/2/10 - Here's our second Track:
"Wizards In Winter" by the Trans Siberian Orchestra.

12/1/10 - Well it's December and Christmas is 24 days away. So over the course of time I'm going to attempt make a sort of "christmas-like" feeling to the site, complete with a falling snow effect (your seeing it now)and eventually Christmas music.
Here's our first Track: "Have A Holly Jolly Christmas" by Burl Ives 

11/11/10 - Well happy Veteran's Day, it's the uh... 92nd anniveristy of the
"Treaty of Versailles" which marked the end of the First World War... and the starting gear of the Second World War... 
Anyhoo History lesson aside: Minor update. I made some minor updates to all the Character Bio pages, plus my own. And I added John Flynn Dacote I's Bio to the list. Added quite a bit of info to the background on my DEHR story with his background. ... To many Links

11/9/10 - Crud loads of updates today. Added sections for Stories
"Cold As Metal" (CAM) and "Megaman Legends" (MML) plus adding comment systems on them and a Chapter each. Not just that also added the Short Stories and Downloads sections. I'm very close to saying a final "farewell" to my old site. A few odds and ends, plus the "Past Stages" section are the only things left.

11/3/10 - Trying something "new". Actually something I've been wanting to implement for a loooooooong time: a comment system. There's only one that's up and it's on the DEHR main page.
Check it out.

10/30/10 - Stopping by to say that Chapters 7 & 8 were uploaded. Go friggin read em now. ....Why are you still on the main page? GO READ IT, I'M WARNING YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! ...Fine. Ignoring me. Your loss... arse-hole... 
Oh and in other news, my PC's hard drive stopped working on me, meaning I have to start over on the project for the video that will be dedicated to my father. (more on that in the previous update) I had just about finished getting all the videos I needed for it. This suuuuuuuuuuuuuucks!!!!

10/22/10 - I know It's been a long time since I've updated. And just so you know this
isn't an update. My reason is that father passed away over 2 months ago (8/9/10). Me and my Mom have been trying to pull each other and financially together. Hasn't been easy. I'm still unemployed (I've been since my father passed) but I'm now getting some money to help. Well, getting to the point; it still may be some time where there will be an update. I have Chapters 7 and 8 of DEHR done. I haven't gotten around to posting them. That and I'm planning to make a Music Video in dedication to my Father. This Music video will be a Star Trek video using the song "I'll Follow The Sun" by The Beatles (both came from the 60's ironically). The song was played at my father's funeral, not to mention he was a big Beatles and Star Trek fan who watched the show when the original was first aired. I'm currently been collecting the videos I may require for this and any other music videos regarding the series.

7/22/10 - Must I say it? Updates for that one section again!

7/17/10 - Yet again updates to the fan-fiction section.

7/7/10 - Check out the updates on the
fan-fiction section.

7/4/10 - Interesting update. Added an interesting new section called "My Very Helpful Tips" go read them... if you DARE! Muhahaha

7/1/10 - Not really an update but just saying I'm currently working on new chapters for DEHR for you to read. I will say that as something new, I'm adding a back-story during the story. It will occasionally pop-up, but not often. It takes place when John is 13 years old. It also has another new character (just noticed I did that before introducing John's later side-kick) which I will only say
her name: Celina. I'm pretty much done withe Chapter 4, so I'm gonna start Chapter 5, which should have something I'm sure looking forward to: action. I hope to make it as realistic as possible. I won't post Chapter 4 until I got it edited by my editors. (You know who you are)

6/21/10 - Added the Links page, but I'm not done yet. I'll finish it up later. Oh, there's an update on the
Fan-fiction section. Go check it out.

6-20-2010 - Well, I decided to transfer as much as I can to this new design since it seems to work very well. It's gonna be a long hard road, but I think I can do it. Right now I'm trying to copy all the pages and data of this section to copy of the Fan-Fiction section since this was the original. I still need to figure out how to add the other Parts like the before Mentioned Fan-Fiction section and new Videos section to the navigation bar on the top here. If not, I'll have to add a side bar on the left to have them. Hopefully it won't come to that. I want to make this as clean and sort out as possible. But for now, I'll add links to the Fan-fiction and Video sections under the "About This Site" part below. (I might put it on top as a warning) It may be a while before I transfer everything so the old one will stay standing where it is as my primary site. But there will be little to no updates there for now.

10/10/14 - *ignores fact its been less than a month since the last update*

9/11/14 - Ok first off its obviously been 13 years since 9/11. I could provide my story on what I was doing 13 years ago today but nahh. Not this time.

6/7/13 - First off here's to the veterans of war since yesterday was 69th anniversary of D-Day. Also wish Happy Birthdays to Caitlin and Liz. Caitlin is my online friend that I met at AB 2012, and she just turned 23 back on the 5th. Today is Liz's 22nd birthday... I want to say something nice but I can't. That is all.

Okay, with that done I'll just say now: YAY for another update/mention/thing within a month! Anyway minor-ish update to the Fan-Fiction section. I've been going over my Zelda fan-fics and editing/fixing them up. I've already done "Give a Reason" and I am over half-way done with fixing "A Final Tale" up to chapter 16, meaning some more chapter pages here, however the remainder of the chapters will wait till I have them done being fixed. I am doing these fixes and edits for two reasons: 1 to simply fix errors and minor plot holes I've accidentally caused. 2nd; to simply reread the stuff I have done for this series so I can go about on writing and hopefully finishing "I Reach Out a Hand" and then at least start on "Final Memories" so I can bring this Zelda Fan-Fiction series to what I hope will be a satisfying close. I think I have a good amount of workable ideas to finish "I Reach Out a Hand" relatively soon provided this recent mood of writing persists long enough to finish it.

I'm also considering on heading back to DHR at some point soon but with finishing up the Zelda series story as my primary focus I really doubt I'll be getting back to it any time soon. I did however decide to at least post chapters 1-3 on Fanfiction.net for reading pleasure. However they have NOT been fixed or updated in any way. I really want to at least fix up or rewrite the first couple of chapters (namely Chapter 1) for this story but as I said DHR is on the back-burner until further notice. I may post more chapters to Fanfiction.net over the course of time so stay tuned.

Now for more unpleasant news: I lost my job at Marshalls Warehouse shortly after the last update/mention. At least I had enough money to go to Anime Boston that weekend and enjoy it and meet an online friend. Other sad pieces of news would be that my Grandfather died the following day of my losing the job, and more annoying news was that I discovered I wasn't eligible for unemployment benefits! (GRRRRRR!!!) So I am pretty much back to where I was prior to the job except that I have 2 more months of job EXP under my belt to place on job applications.

Anyway, wish me luck on the finding a job (especially since I want to have enough money to go to AAC in mid October) and for the fan-fictions. (and hopefully landing a girlfriend at some point! haha!)

5/21/13 - Wow, been like... 4 months since I lasted posted anything here. Better give anyone who even checks this site a run down of whats been going on. First off the bad news: haven't been writing or really making any videos (I DID make one, will mention under good news). That would explain I haven't updated here in so long. I have been starting to think about my Zelda fan-fiction again, so maybe I might go back to it soon.

The Good news: I finally got a job 2 months ago from today. I get a decent amount per hour, I work 5 days a week (Sunday - Thursday) from Midnight to 6 AM (that's 30 hours, so its part time). Its not a dream job but its something I can do - warehouse work. I originally got hired with my cousin but thankfully she got fired about 3 weeks. Why is that a good thing? I would have gone crazy with her there and would have quit. Also AB is around the corner - actually its this weekend and I am going. I hope to meet some online friends there. I unfortunately have to take the train in back and forth but at least I have the money to go. I did make 1 AMV a few months ago but never posted it anywhere. I was hoping to submit it to AB this year but I felt it wasn't up-to-par enough for the competition that is always submitted to AB every year. Right now I am too lazy and tired to make a page for it on the music videos page so I'll just give you a  download.

On another kind of note that I have been keeping secret for the past week or so from both friends and family is that I kinda joined a... *sigh* Otaku dating site. It was a spirr of the moment decision but it has been something I have been considering for a while now. I haven't met anyone yet (I did get a reply from someone today though) but so far nothing promising. If you wish you can check out my profile on the site here. (also gonna put it in my related sites list)

1/4/2013 - Happy [late] New Year! First of explanation on WHY I neglected to finish my Xmas playlist; My friends came over for a few days for my "Doomsday Party" so I kinda forgot. I kept forgetting to do it, then to top it off I caught the flu just before New Year's Eve and I've been sick since. I'm still recovering. I decided that I should at least fix the site. Well that's it for now. Until next time!

12/16/12 - I won't be home the next couple days and won't be able to update the songs for tomorrow and the day after, so I'm having a friend do it for me. The songs are already listed so he knows what to play on each day.

12/2/12 - Sorry for the late post on the song. Since its noon right now (EST) I'll just update around this time instead of Midnight from now on. I forget I go to bed earlier in Winter cause its so friggin cold!

12/1/12 - Decided I will try again at playing Christmas Music again this year. I've done a tad more this year as you can already see. Most notably is the change to the red color bar; it now being green for the holidays. The section that will have the "Holiday Updates" will be in red to compliment the Green bar. (Oh that Green bar is present on all pages) Also as usual for the Main Page I got some snow fall going. I can't put it on all pages cause I'd have to do it for each page individually.

Now for those not familiar or don't remember about my little tradition. I play one Christmas song each day through out December (I'm actually pushing it to January 1st this time) along with a little list of what's playing on what day it was played and to boot the artist of who did the song provided I have that info.

I am aware this is most likely illegal, but I've yet to get an actual complaint regarding my little music playlist. Probably because either no one cares about me or that I only play a song for one day each and I supply no download link.

11/27/12 - Okay this is not an update to the site but I will make one soon. But I am gonna give a bit of a run-down on what's been going on the past 2 months. First off I didn't finish "A Final Tale" by the originally planned due-date, but I did finish it earlier this month. Currently the only place the finished product is on is FanFiction.net. I want to go over it and fix some stuff before posting the whole kitten-kabootle here and Deviant Art. Not just that but I started another story that takes place in-between "Give A Reason" and "A Final Tale". This story is "I Reach Out a Hand". Again you can find it on Fanfiction.net. One last thing to the deal with the Zelda story; I got a sequel to AFT in the works. I haven't actually started it yet, and I won't till I finish "I Reach Out a Hand", for that this sequel "Final Memories" will be the conclusion to my Zelda Fan-Fiction series. Meaning any Zelda stories I make after it will be unrelated.

Now I have still been battling finding a job and in short it's really fucking pissing me off. I will spare you all a rambling on how much its pissing me off, we'll leave it at that. In the personal relationship status has not changed... much. I'm not saying anymore than that on this subject. Also I have been busy with other things like moving my room around, friend dramas, and just busy doing some crap, especially now that Christmas is coming up. Oh I did finish my Cosplay for the next Anime Boston even though I haven't mentioned any word regarding the subject before here. You can view my completed cosplay of Gin from Detective Conan/Case Closed here.

Well that should be just about everything that's worth mentioning at the moment. I am considering trying again with playing Christmas music on the Main Page again this year as I have been trying to do every year. Well... let's see how that rolls when it comes. I got all week to consider it.

8/21/12 - OK, I took some time to make some updates. For one I uploaded Chapters 7 and 8 of "A Final Tale". Secondly I also made a new story and finished it while away. Its called "Give A Reason" - a Zelda story. Its also a prequel to "A Final Tale". All the chapters are here. I also got off my lazy @$$ and uploaded my three short stories.

Plus as an added bonus to the chapter pages I made a very simple design change to the chapter links. Makes them looks a tad more neat and tidy. I've only done this for the two above stories. When I feel like it I'll do this to DHR as well when I come up with chapter titles for it.

Now until I finish/upload the final chapter of "A Final Tale" I'll very simply just give a countdown in days till my planned release of the final chapter. So from today it is 70 days away. That doesn't sound like a whole lot of time!