About This Section

This section is split down the middle. On the left is links to sites that are related to this one such as for example my old site or the Neon Pixel Studious Forums. On the right is sites that are not related, but may prove interesting.
External Sites That Are Related
  • Neon Pixel Squadron - Website for the Star Trek Online fleet me and Senku made.
  • Old Site - This is my old site. I don't think it exist anymore though.
  • NPS Forums - This is the Neon Pixel Studios forums. This is for anything related to the NPS members.
  • Drifters Series - This is my friend's site for his original series: Drifters.
  • Neon Pixel Studios Site - this is the official site for NPS. Nothing special here. (Probably doesn't exist either)
  • DeviantART Account - This is my DA account. Don't update/post pictures often but I do update my journal more often than here
  • YouTube Account (MetalshadowN64) - this is my old YT account almost all my Music Videos are here. (some get removed by the continued stupid/greed of the US Government)
  • YouTube Account (Metalshadow1701) - This is my newer account on YT. Nothing major here.
  • Facebook Account - Yes, I finally made one. I don't update on it very often if at all. The only thing that does is my astrology I check often.
  • MaiOtaku Profile - An Otaku (Anime Geek) dating site I have joined... please don't make fun of me... I think I'm crazy enough as it is.


 External Sites That Are Not Related
  • Fan-Fiction.net - A well known fan-fiction site. I can't believe I never found this site years ago.
  • Junsenoue.com - This is the official site for Jun Senoue who is mainly the genius behind the music to the Sonic games

  • Romantically Apocalyptic - This site is for the amazingly  funny and good-looking RA comic made by the Lord of butter: Alexiuss
  • Dueling Network - An online yu-gioh website. F2P and it has almost the entire library of cards from the card game. AND ITS ALL FREE!
  • d-conan.net - A Detective/Case Closed fan site that has downloads to the entire series.
  • Anime Palm - A site with a wide range of anime series. They stream episodes as well have downloads
  • One Manga - This site is probably one of the leaders on the net with manga translations.
  • Abyssal Chronicles - A "Tales of" series fan-site. They got quite of bit of info on the games.
  • Absolute Zero Team - This group has been translating and making patches for a few Tales of games that didn't get American releases.
  • Eclipse Productions - This person has been subbing the new FMA Brotherhood series and posting downloads.
  • EMU Paridise - This site has thousands of roms, iso's and ect. for your emulator needs. But remember that emulators are illegal. Use them for games you already own or games that weren't ported into your country.
  • Zamzar.com - A youtube and file converter. Very reliable, worth a look.
  • Sonic Stadium - A great Sonic site. They are one of the sites that are on the for-front of news for the games.
  • Sonic Wrecks - A very funny Sonic site. They have comics, and their own online radio show. I know they work alot with Sonic Stadium.
  • Kasuto.net - A Legends of Zelda fan-site, it's pretty good if you like to read fan-fiction. A good deal of the stories are good but none more so than the ones done by Kasuto. There's also other things, so browse for a while.
  • Megaman Legends Station - The Key source for Legends fans. Has alot of info on the short-lived Megaman series.
  • Net Raptor.org - Another site mainly devoted to fan-fiction. I think it's mainly Sonic related. I know it's also focused on the works of it's webmaster; Net Raptor.
  • The Mystical Forest Zone - Want sprites? I do. Want some sprite comics? Yup. Want a site with a lack of updates? Not really. Want a cookie? F YES! Well I don't have one. Anyhoo, this Sonic site is well known for it's large sprite collection.
  • DooM Music - I'm a big Doom fan as well as I like gaming music so here's the music to the Doom games. It's really good.
  • OverClocked Remix - I love game music but this site has thousands of gaming remixs. perfect for your remix gaming music needs.
  • DooM 3 Filefront - This site is perfect for you hardcore DooM 3 fans.