Update: I have added "Cold AS Metal" to this sad list. I have also put in download links of the files for each story that I could find.

This new section is for the curious. Looking back I have several stories I've left in the past. The most noted is "Robots of Revenge" (or what I think of now as Cliches of Revenge).

I figured I'd make this section for the decision I've made to dump "Can A Villian Become A Hero?" which was going to be a Zelda fan-fic, surrounding Dark Link becoming a hero. I very much want to keep this on the back-burner so I can eventually get to it. Maybe I will... someday. But not all very likely.

Also you can see that DEHR is on this list. I assure you; the story is NOT dumped, however the previous drafts I did ARE. I'm still looking from my original draft of the story which was hand-written. I know I have a couple pages... The second draft was all typed, and I still have those files. I'm actually considering dumping this version in favor of a "first-person" version, like "Cold As Metal", and some of my shorts (which still need to be put up)

Lastly there was "Shadow's Christmas Carol" which was an idea I came up with about the same time as the "THIS IS INSANE" videos. The story was to be a humorous Sonic-adaption of Charles Dicken's timeless story; "A Christmas Carol" (which is a big favorite of mine). It was to star Shadow the Hedgehog as Scrooge.

There were other ideas, but I can't remember what they were. I know they were utterly stupid, and NEVER got anywhere.  The ones upon this list are the ones that actually had some - however very little - work on them. These dumped stories will have very little information. I may even just dump some of the prototype ideas I had for each. As for some that did get some chapters written, I'm just gonna post downloads for. No need to waste more pages on dumped crap.