5/10/16 - I have removed the pages for each story (including their sub-sections) in exchange for just linking each story to them on fanfiction.net. I may come back and update the design of this page to be more... spiffy

6/7/13 - Fixed up chapters 1-8 of A Final Tale, as well uploaded 9-16 of the same story. I also updated the chapters of "Give A Reason" with the fixed versions.

4/13/12 - Well, I decided to add on a new section. "Failed & Abandoned Stories". Also, Doom: Evil Returns & Heroes Rise has had it's name shortened from now on. It's name is now "Doom: Heroes Rise" (now DHR for short). However the pages for this haven't been done yet. Plus, "Can A Villain Become A Hero?" has been canned. It's under the new section.

11/9/10 - Made various updates. Many of them can be seen via the Home Page, other updates are the addition of the "Cold As Metal" (CAM) and "Megaman Legends" (MML) pages and at least one chapter added to both. Also working comment systems on those pages as well.

7/22/10 - Updated and fixed Chapter 2 of DEHR, also added something to John's bio. And added a picture of Celina on the Minor Characters Bio.

7/17/10 - Chapter 6 of DEHR is up. Chapter 7 should be up soon. Also new (updated) picture of John has been added to his bio along with very minor changes. Hopefully the current Minor Characters will get their pictures soon.

7/10/10 - Chapter 5 of DEHR is up.

7/7/10 - Added Elaine's Character Bio as well as updated Fang's.

7/7/10 - Well, Chapter 4 is up for DEHR. Also I added the "Minor Characters" bios page which currently has Celina and Andrea Dacote.

6/21/10 - I finished up Chapter 3 of DEHR and posted it up along with Chapters 1 and 2. Enjoy! I plan to work on the Setting/History part next. That's under the Character Bio section for DEHR.

6/21/10 - I added Fang's character bio but it's not done yet.

6/20/2010 - Updated and added the DEHR Character Bios page. I added the first Character Bio which covers the main protagonist; John Flynn Dacote III which you can read via the DEHR section then click on "Character Bios" then lastly the name of said character on the left side-bar. A few things I still need to add to him such as a new picture of him (I have one, but would rather a new one), and a little info. But he's majorly done. I'm currently working on Chapter 3, which I intend to post along with Chapters 1 & 2 instead of waiting till I finish Chapter 5 like I said I was going to originally, cause this is taking me longer than expected. I intend to finish Chapter 3 in the next few days. I hope to talk with my friends about some of the more minor Characters in the DEHR series that I can add on the 4th of July or maybe next week-end. On the subject of the Megaman Legends fan-fiction which a written version of the game, I wrote up a Chapter 1, but it was something I simply copied out of the instruction manual. I'm still contemplating on doing it. But if I do; I have a start. Have a Happy Father's Day!


About This Section

Well here's the new version of the Fan-Fiction section of the site. I wanted something that would be easier to Update than on Free Web Town or using Dreamweaver CS4 (especially DW CS4) So I'm kinda using a different site builder site (as you may of guessed) called Yola. I don't know much on them yet. But things should be easier in the end. Here's my plan on HOW this "mini-site" will work (if it does; yay! If not; boo)

The top Navigation bar will separate each story and this main page. On the left will be each story's main page and Chapters. Kinda like how the old one works... just looks more awesome, easier to update, and if all possible easier to navigate in the end. But for now all you get is this main page and DEHR's main page. Sorry, no chapters here yet until I get more done, at least until Chapter 5.

I hopefully will adopt this style to the other parts of the main site.Good examples; "Music Videos", "DooM 3: The Movie", and "THIS IS INSANE series" sections. But those may take longer due to the fact that I got to find out if my usual methods of uploading (which is kinda easy) will work with this site. I've been using DW CS4 for that work. I think it'll still work though. Another thing I hope to add is the Character Bio's pages into each story's pages (those of the same series share the same page)