These are the rules for the Official Blargaria Discord Server! (As well as the Facebook group)

Roles/Titles & What they Do

Gods = Pretty much me and anyone I may deem appropriate and trustworthy for full ultimate control over the server. So far; just me.

Admins = the step down. Has about 95% of the control. Not quite as much as Gods but still an admiral position that deserves a lot of respect. I give this to those I trust and believe have a good or better grasp on Discord than I do. They could potentially be raised to Gods. They have power to change roles, change the channels, delete and silence people, They have full control just shy of full administration control and being able to change the server's name.

Moderators = have pretty much control over all the channels in terms of messaging and the individuals. Can boot, ban, silence people. Can not change their roles however. Can change nicknames

Honorary Members = have less power than moderators, but similar privledges.  They can not ban people, but they can kick. They can not mute people. Can change nicknames of others.

Filthy Perverts = same in every way to Peasants (See below) except they CAN go to the Hentai-mature channel. This is honestly more of a joke title. Anyone of this rank and/or higher can go into the Hentai-mature channel except for Monja and anyone else whom wishes to be personally removed from that channel regardless of rank.

Peasants = The average member without any form of administrative controls. Can not kick, ban, or silence. Can not change roles or the nicknames of other people besides their selves. You can however talk via text or voice in any of the channels except the Hentai-mature channel.

The Damned = this is the lowest of the low. A sort of limbo between being a member of this Server and being kicked. While I have yet to create any rules (I'd say just go with the rules that were made for the dead forum or the facebook group) this is for those whom are being punished. They have lost all privledges. They can not message. They can however read. I may try to create a channel that The Damned CAN however chat in so they have the vague hope of being redeemed. But basically it's for those who have done wrong and are getting their wrists slapped. You're being put in "time out" for a determined amount of time that is determined by anyone of Moderator and above.

Blargaria Facebook Rules (With Discord alterations)

1. There is no swear filter. Meaning you can say fuck, shit, whatever. I trust you all are reasonably mature enough.

2. Please refrain from fighting/arguments/drama. RP/joke fighting is fine. I can understand disagreements and debates but please refrain from letting it escalate to open arguments. I understand drama at times is unavoidable. But we can at least try.

3. No excessive trolling; if someone asks you to kindly stop; do so. If you do not stop you WILL receive a warning. After 3 warnings you will receive a ban/demotion for however long the admins and moderators deemed fitting. 

4. Sexual Harassment, Death Threats (both to others or suicide) and threats of Hacking another person will result in Permanent Ban (kick or ban on Discord, depends on the situation) It will not be tolerated here. EVER.*

5. Spamming. Same thing; if you are found spamming your identical posts will be deleted and you will receive a warning. 3 Warnings and its an account ban for however long the admins and moderators deem fitting.

6. Attempts at bribery into becoming an admin/moderator will result in a warning and firm watch on you. Any further attempts will result in Permanent Ban.

7. Posting pornlinks, scamming and the likes = instant Account Ban.( Posting links to a site like Deviant Art that has a filter for explicit content is permittable.) 

8. Sending private messages in excess and continues despite being asked to stop gets you the same deal as above.

9. Posting images (as profile pictures or into the threads) or posts that are deemed inappropriate, explicit or jail bait will return in an asking to take down the picture. Refusal will result in us taking it down for you and a serious warning.

10. Attacking one's beliefs (religion and morals for example) will not be tolerated. You will receive a warning, if you get 2 warnings you will receive a 3 day ban/demotion and an apology will be expected.

11. Any Pornographic content will be removed immediately and a permanent ban will be issued without warnings. Highly suggestive posts are okay. Just no Nudity unless censored. Try not to, though. We got users who don't care for it. Be considerate towards them.
Pornographic/Henati content is only permissible in the #Hentai-Mature channel on the Discord Server. You require special permission to be in it. You will have to speak to someone of either Gods, Admins or Moderators rank to be permitted.

16. Any threats of attacks (hacking, spamming, DDOS attacks) to the FB group, it's group chat, the Discord Server, the forum or Bryan's site (or any other) whether on this site or off this site will be taken seriously. You will be insta-banned.

Generally don't be a dick and be nice to others.