John Flynn Dacote

Character Bio

Name: John Flynn Dacote
Formerly Known As: John Kane Blazkowicz
Age: 34
Nationality: American,
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 205 lb
DOB: February 26, 2113
DOD: June 6, 2183 (age 70)
Residence: N/A
Occupation: US Marine, UAC Space Marine
Alignment: Good/Hero
Religion: Unknown

Friends: Maria Moraetes
Enemies: Legions of Hell
Parents: Unkonwn
Sibling(s): Unknown
Spouse: Maria Moraetes
Children: John Flynn Dacote Jr.
Grandchildren: John Flynn Dacote III, Andrea Dacote
Likes: Military, fire-arms
Favorite Item(s): 1968 Winchester 1200 Shotgun, Series 3 Plasmagun
Gourmet of choice: Unknown
Beverage of Choice: Unknown
Favorite Color: Green
Personality: Silent, Justice-seeking

Main Theme
Back Ground

Born in 2113, John Kane Blazkowicz grew up always looking to his family’s history from the 1900’s, especially his Ancestor; William “B.J.” Blazkowicz: So aiming to follow in his Ancestor’s foot-steps he joined the US Marines. However his family strongly disagreed to this. After 6 months of feud he legally changed his name to John Flynn Dacote to give himself a new blank slate. Then he entered as he dreamed into the US marines in 2138. John served a long and loyal 7 years, he eventually no longer looked at the Marines as a job but his life. However in early 2145, he acted upon his inner-conscious and disobeyed orders and saved a small platoon of solders. Due to this he was Court-Martialed and with the only choice besides death he was to be stripped of his rank of Lieutenant to Private and was enlisted to the UAC “Space Marines” as a security guard on the growing UAC project known as “Mars City”. He was sent to the base and shortly after arrival the base unexpectedly was attacked by demons from Hell. He diverted the invasion with the help of Maria Moraetes. He then – as a free man – left the service to live a normal life.

After 2 years of living with Maria whom he was building a relationship with he had discovered that his entire family he had left was murdered in an attack. In 2147 when the Mars City was started up again the year before, the base was attacked again once more aiming to reach Earth. The invasion succeeded, being one of the few left whom had experience fighting the demons he focused on doing so. He eventually succeeded and returned. He then lived the remainder of his life helping rebuilding the near-destroyed Earth as he also settled down and married Maria Moraetes, whom had one child who inherited his father’s name of John Flynn Dacote Jr. whom too carried the name to his son.
John Dacote in the last 10 years of his life he took care of his Grandchildren whose parents and Maria had died in a Raid. Having a feeling that the forces of Hell would return once more upon the next generation he trained his grandchildren for the worst. Before he died at the age of 70 in 2183 he left his house, possessions, weapons, and DooM T-shirts to John III. It is also said that before he died he asked his grandchildren to place a rocket launcher in his coffin for thought “he was going to need it again”.

Deep within the bowls of Hell, he resides as a near-broken man, paying for his crimes of killing dozens during his Military career. He longs for the day he can kick the asses of the demons again.


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