“Cold as Metal”

My name is Max, I usually don’t like to speak my full name probably due of paranoia, or maybe that almost everyone you meet on the street is involved to something that wind you up dead. But I’m already a dead man by now, but in a different sense than others. My career as a detective is over, I have been the cause of deaths to dozens of people for I let, and got involved with a killer.

‘Why’ you may ask; curiosity, mainly. I helped track down several killers of different types, including serial killers. But as I tried tracking down one that even by appearance was very unique I got involved. Most killers had some type of traumatic event happen to them while growing up. This one was different; he didn’t do it for a thrill either. He wanted vengeance and justice. He once was a regular person without a bit of crime in his background; was a nice upstanding citizen with hopes on the horizon that were bound to occur. He however lost his sanity and even appearance of a human with a single traumatic event that took the lives of at least a hundred people, all except him and the one whom caused it. He wanted justice and revenge for ruining his and hundreds of other lives forever.

He once had a warm, gentle, and even noble human heart; one that could not be matched by any other man in his time; but within minutes it had become a heart as cold as metal. This is the tale of a man once known as Bryan James Seegan, but will forever be known to the world as a killer named “Metal Shadow”. I want to at least give the people the right to know the truth behind this particular beast that was once a man.