Name: Fang
Nickname(s): None
Age: 4
Nationality/Breed: German Shepard
Gender: Male
Height: 2' 6"
Weight: 100 lb
DOB: October 26, 2189
Residence: N/A
Occupation: Currently Saving Earth
Alignment: Good/Hero
Religion: Do Dogs have one?

Friends: John, Elle
Rivals: None
Enemies: Legions of Hell
Grandparents: Unknown
Parents: Unknown
Sibling(s): Dog Meat (LOL)
Spouse: ...?
Children: None
Likes: Food, anything to chew on.
Favorite Item(s):
Gourmet of choice: Any type of Meat
Beverage of Choice: Blood Water
Favorite Color: Aren't Dogs color-blind?
Personality: Ass-hole. Jerk, Hungry

Main Theme(s)

Black Gate.mp3

The Watchdog of Hell.mp3