John Flynn Dacote III 

Character Bio 

Name: John Flynn Dacote III
Nickname(s): None
Age: 17 - 18
Nationality: American,
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 165 lb
DOB: June 6, 2175
Residence: N/A
Occupation: Currently Saving Earth
Alignment: Good/Hero
Religion: Unknown

Friends: Fang, Elle, Rachal
Rivals: Jack
Enemies: Legions of Hell
Grandparents: John Dacote I, Maria Dacote
Parents: John Dacote II, Amelia Dacote
Sibling(s): Andrea Dacote
Spouse: Not Married
Children: None
Likes: Video Games, Fire-arms, music
Favorite Item(s): 1968 Winchester 1200 Shotgun, Colt Single Action Army, iPod
Gourmet of choice:
Beverage of Choice: Grape Juice
Favorite Color: Red, Black
Personality: Wise-ass, brave

Main Theme(s)

Masterplan - I'm Not Afraid.mp3

Background History

John and his older sister – Andrea’s parents died when they were children. They were raised by their only surviving relative; their Grandfather – John Flynn Dacote I. John’s grandfather taught him the basics of combat due to the rise in raids from the instability of laws due to the destruction of the “Invasion of Hell”. John also learned how to use fire-arms when he was 5 years old. He grew a quick natural talent for them. After his Grandfather died when he was 8 years old, he and his sister inherited his house. Intelligent, but known to be a wise-ass, he has gotten in fights in school. He eventually dropped out when he was in High School due to the inability to sustain a regular life-style at home. Besides his ability to use fire-arms, he is a known to play video games. Namely those from the mid-late 1990’s and the early 21’s century, since in his opinion; games aren’t what they used to be like back then. He often listens to music on his iPod he carries around with him most of the time.  Also he often tries to hide the scar on his left shoulder, from a knife wound that had impaled that spot. It was caused by the struggle with the serial killer whom killed his child-hood friend; Rachal. It often brings him discomfort for the thought of him killing a human being.


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