Well I personally don't want to put this here, but I've had almost 0 inspiration for this story since its inception.

Cold as Metal (CAM for short) was to be a dark story that I hoped to touch on the darker aspects of human nature; namely those of murder, anger, tragedy, betrayal, and such. However there was a bit of a complication; when I write I try to "be in the same mood" as the characters, and since this story was to mostly focus on the above negative emotions... well when I first came up with the idea I wanted to still have the same anger and vengeful feel as the ROR series and when I was doing that I had alot of pent-up agression that I hadn't yet figured out how to deal with, so I wanted to create a story that reflected my angers.

However over time I began to move away from stories of anger since I personally was starting to handle my anger better and I wanted to focus more on other subjects; mostly family, tragedy, romance, ideals and over-all drama. Subjects that weren't being focused on in CAM. I think I have out-grown the desire to make a story such as CAM. Even without the above issue, I couldn't come up with any ideas to progress the story in my mind. How can I write a story if I can't even plan it out?

I did write some chapters for this story. So here is the files of notes and any chapters that were done. Keep in mind that they were likely never looked over after being written (and of course never will be). All of the files are in doc or docx (some occasional txts) files so your on your own opening them.

Cold As Metal Files