Now, DEHR is NOT dead. Never has been, and won't be for the foreseeable future. However, the story does have it's tales of being redone. Actually I have decided to change the name of the story to simply "Doom: Heroes Rise"

I can actually remember when I came up with the idea of DEHR... I was laying in my bed, listening to some metal music I had just downloaded the day before or so. The song that inspired me was... To Hell And Back. I didn't know who did the song, and I still don't know to this day, despite still having the song. Well, anyway I liked the idea of kinda going to back to Hell for some reason, and the one thing that popped in my head was Doom! I remember first apposing the idea to myself, cause at the time the other stories in this section were still in my book of being active. But the more I dug into ideas for the story, the more I focused less on the other stories. For with the Doom series, not much actual detail has been pushed into it's universe, since the story to each one was pretty simple to say the least: Hell is unleashed, random Marine who survives the apocalypse fights the forces of Hell, and stops the invasion. Even Doom 3 didn't add too much to the Universe despite having a much more involved plot. The book adaption of Doom 3 only helped me form the type of world for my story. it gave me the base setting and basic plot idea. The rest was mostly originality and still is. 

Now, as I came up with, more and more ideas, an idea of a sequel moved into my head. Now to say the sequel it's self went under it's own transformation. Very quickly did the sequel ideas start popping up by myself and my friend; Nekoni-chan. Mostly the idea of whom become John's partner and a Main Character; Elle. I'm gonna actually reveal one idea for those two, but I'm not 100% sure I'm gonna do it; Make a relationship between them. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna stick with it, but I want absolute permission to do this from Elle's creator; Neko. Now for the fate of the sequel which WAS gonna be named "Doom: Border of Hell". Since to be honest I've been still having trouble coming with ideas on how to make the story progress, I have decided to just shorten the number of ideas between the two parts into one. In short; that means that instead of the sequel being a sequel, it shall be just merged into the first part, into one story. Some ideas I've come up with that was to be the latter half of the first part of the story are gonna be canned, but it does make up for some things.

So what's my future ideas for DHR (formally DEHR)? One of 3 things:

1. That I will once again, rewrite the story to make up for all the idea changes, and that I think that First-Person perspective would be easier for me. This will slow the story again, but it is better than my second option.

2. Dump the story as a whole. This is VERY MUCH NOT LIKELY! I really doubt I'd do that since I have put alot effort into this story. More than any other story I have come up with, including "Robots of Revenge" which was to be my main story over-all.

3. Edit EVERYTHING I have so far. I personally don't want to do this, cause I hate editing and trying to fit new ideas into something that was already written for older ideas. Grammar and spelling is one thing, but story edits are another.

Here is various files (mostly chapters in doc format) for the Old DEHR and its would-have-been sequel.
Old DEHR Files