This story goes back some ways. Further back than DHR (Doom: Heroes Rise) (formally DEHR). Unlike RoR (Robots of Revenge) or DEHR (Doom: Evil Returns & Heroes Rise) this story didn't go through as many story differences in my mind.

It's plot was that after the famous mini-boss fight with Dark Link from OoT, Link didn't kill his counter-part. Instead, he told his Counter-part that he could be good if he tried. After some years of wondering this, Dark Link finally decides to leave the Water Temple and venture forth into Hyrule. Which soon the country would come under the attack of Majora's Mask. (this is taking place in the Future Ending of OoT, so Link never fought Majora).

Now here's the part where the road-blocks came. The story was also to be a part romance. I figured that since Normal Link never hooked up with whom I thought was a love-interest. I'd have Dark Link and Malon (the ranch girl; in the manga of OoT, she had a crush on Link) hook-up. Sounds like a great idea? It did for me for many years. (Roughly 5 years now?) The part the was the block is the problem that has been bothering me since I came up with that concept for the story. I believe the writer should have SOME idea on what he/she is writing about. I was in High School at the time, and I thought that maybe I'll have a girl-friend by the time I got out of School... I was wrong. That blocking me, I kept putting it off. I did try writing it once, but it sounded bad since I have no real source of reference... Eventually I came up with better story ideas that were more original than this so... I decided to just stop over all.

Oh I must not forget that I had also planned sequels to this too! Each dumber than the last. That was ANOTHER factor that made me dump this. If I do revive this story, the sequel ideas will not come to be.

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